Hagen Doubles Down at Saint Francois County Raceway
Posted 4 years ago
Farmington, MO – Darren Hagen of Riverside, California deflected a last lap, final turn attempt in route to his fourth POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget Series victory of 2015 at Saint Francois County Raceway, sweeping the “Race Around the Arch” weekend.

Almost mirroring the previous night, Zach Daum would again be high-point earner starting on the pole in the Daum Motorsports, Toyota-powered Eagle Chassis, but this time with Hagen to his outside. Hagen would barely edge Daum on the initial start, only to have the start called back after Tucker Klaasmeyer slowed on the backstretch. This time, Hagen would hold the lead at the line by a wheel as Hagen’s Esslinger-powered BOSS Chassis took to the top side of the semi-banked 3/8 mile track, with Daum working the bottom. Nick Knepper gave chase in third, while Austin Brown and Andrew Felker trailed in fourth and fifth, respectively.

Dispatching Brown on lap 12 for fourth, Felker’s Stanton SR-11-powered BOSS Chassis would take the third position away from Knepper on lap 15, working to gain ground on Daum. On lap 22 Daniel Robinson would smack the wall off turn two and kill the Esslinger-powered FSC restarting at the rear of the field. Bunched back up, Felker used the caution to his advantage and briefly took second away from Daum off turn four, but Daum regained the position down the straight, only to enter turn one too sideways and stall the machine.

With four laps left, Hagen would do everything in his power to hold off the 11A of Andrew Felker. Coming to the white flag, Felker would bobble as Hagen pulled a car length, only for Hagen to bobble off turn two, allowing Felker to catch back up. Entering turn three Felker shot above the cushion, but ran out of room, settling for the second position. Austin Brown rounded out the podium with Tony Roney in fourth and Nick Knepper coming in fifth.

“This race team; without these guys I wouldn’t be here,” stated Hagen. “Two laps to go, I got a flat right rear tire and was just barely hanging on. Hopefully it was a good show.”

“Chose the wrong direction on the last lap and tried to go above the cushion and ran out of room between the wall and [Hagen’s] right rear,” said Andrew Felker. “We just ran out of laps.”

“We started sixth and finished third,” Austin Brown said. “Not a bad night for our BOSS Chassis, Toyota team. It always feels good to be on front stretch at the end of the race. Congratulations to Darren on going two in a row.”

Ford Heat Race Winners: Heat 1: 17 – Darren Hagen, Heat 2: 55 – Nick Knepper

Great Clips Feature Winner: 17 – Darren Hagen

POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget Series Feature Results (30 laps): 1. 17 – Darren Hagen, 2. 11A – Andrew Felker, 3. 7 – Austin Brown, 4. 1T – Tony Roney, 5. 55 – Nick Knepper, 6. 50 – Daniel Adler, 7. 32 – Garrett Aitken, 8. 57D – Daniel Robinson, 9. 5D – Zach Daum, 10. 15 – Joe B. Miller, 11. 5H – Matt Ponder, 12. 27 – Tucker Klaasmeyer, 13. 9K – Kyle Schuett

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